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Curvilinearity between Marital Satisfaction and Father Involvement
measure below), some degree of curvilinearity at the bottom of the grade
In contrast, the CollieKruse and lower bound F estimates showed a highly significant curvilinearity, but no linear trend (Fig.
Table 3: Morbidity Index (^) and Health (^), Six-term Sociodemographic Base Models Multivariate generalized additive regression models (GAM) are designed to estimate and evaluate curvilinearity.
These folds have curvilinear hinge-lines that show an increase in curvilinearity toward the Fredericton Fault, coincident with a tightening of the interlimb angle.
Product terms (for example, the product of two or more variables) are used to test interactions, powered terms (for example, the square or cube of an independent variable) are used to test curvilinearity, and the product or powered terms are entered hierarchically in the regression equation (Long, 1997).
Although McCullough's (1979) regression suggested linearity, our data indicate curvilinearity in the relationship between recruitment observed in autumn and population size (Fig.
Evidence for curvilinearity in the cancer dose-response in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors.
Exploiting basic structural concepts of triangulation and curvilinearity in order to produce an inherently rigid, yet dynamic form, the light, ephemeral pavilion sits serenely above a small pool.
SMR measures nonlinear variance and tries to fit it to a curvilinear model, thereby illogically imposing curvilinearity on various kinds of contradictory nonlinearity.
The generally linear relation of the estimate-diary difference in work hours generally rules out an explanation of the results in terms of simple regression toward the mean, because for that to occur, we should find more curvilinearity in the data.
There seemed to be some indication of this, but it soon became apparent that to see the curvilinearity clearly it would be necessary to break the DMS down into categories.