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This echoes the findings in column (1) of the same table that the outdegree centrality is curvilinearly associated with the reinsurance level.
001) curvilinearly with increasing intake of cassava powder (Figure 1), and while Elephant grass intake decreased (p = 0.
Combined March, April, and May mean daily air temperature and year-class strength were curvilinearly related (r = 0.
Gilbert and Clarkson (1993) found that grass yield was curvilinearly related to summer rainfall and N fertilizer ([R.
Although this discussion will focus on the linearly tapered coathanger die, there also exist developments of similar curvilinearly tapered coathanger dies (2) and coathanger dies of rectangular cross-section (3).
The only consistent finding was that career maturity increased with age; however, other findings suggested that career indecision might be curvilinearly related to age and that females showed greater career maturity and career indecision than males did across all ages.
Ecologists, taking their cue from nature, think in terms of cycles, while economists are more likely to think linearly, or curvilinearly.
767) produced more fine-grained findings: "International diversification is negatively related to performance in nondiversified firms, positively related in highly product-diversified firms, and curvilinearly r elated "in moderately product-diversified firms.
After controlling for development, it is curvilinearly related to homicide and to total lethal violence, and it has negative linear effects on suicide and th SMR, a measure of the direction in which violence is directed.
They found that the degree of evaluativeness of a trait (as assessed by a separate sample of students) was curvilinearly associated with judgmental accuracy; traits that were either highly desirable or highly undesirable showed less agreement between self-ratings and peer-judgments than did traits that were evaluatively neutral.
Recycling N:P is also clearly a function of food N:P (f) for a given grazer (holding b constant), but in a nonlinear way, as s increases curvilinearly with f when f is lower than the animal N:P (b).
Household income in 1983 was curvilinearly related to the odds of increased debt.