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001) curvilinearly with increasing intake of cassava powder (Figure 1), and while Elephant grass intake decreased (p = 0.
Combined March, April, and May mean daily air temperature and year-class strength were curvilinearly related (r = 0.
In a series of articles (2, 4, 5, 6), Matsubara explores the characteristics of linearly and curvilinearly tapered coathanger dies.
The only consistent finding was that career maturity increased with age; however, other findings suggested that career indecision might be curvilinearly related to age and that females showed greater career maturity and career indecision than males did across all ages.
Household income in 1983 was curvilinearly related to the odds of increased debt.
The discussion tended to increase curvilinearly with number of living children with maximum attained at parity four.
Eggum (1973) demonstrated in rats that the apparent fecal CP digestibility in soybean meal (SBM) increased curvilinearly with increasing dietary CP content.