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Head of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood, said: "Restructuring had been widely expected but Nokia will be hoping that the transfer of 3,000 jobs to Accenture will help cushion the blow as it ramps down its Symbian investments.
I know reserves can't be dipped into repeatedly, but surely they could spare a little to cushion the blow until things improve.
09) to cushion the blow of any manufacturing job losses, whether in steel or chemicals.
One player who has tried to cushion the blow of Miller's absense is Marc- Antoine Fortun, who was signed in the New Year.
While Qatar's vast natural gas wealth has helped cushion the blow from the global meltdown, other members of the six-nation GCC have faced greaterchallenges as crude prices plummeted from mid-July highs of $147 per barrel to Aa around $50.
State help for people struggling to pay the mortgage after losing their job has been extended in a bid to cushion the blow of the recession, the Government announced today.
A contents insurance policy will cushion the blow of having a bag stolen.
A total of 650 independents operate in Ireland and, unlike larger firms that have the padding to cushion the blow, they cannot spread their costs over a number of shops.
But analysts said a cash handout scheme, announced as part of the fuel hike and aimed at protecting the country's poor, would help cushion the blow of the price increase.
The girl thrust out her hands in an instinctive gesture to cushion the blow.
New Burnley boss Owen Coyle is a long-term admirer of former Hibs star Riordan and would be keen on landing the Scotland international to cushion the blow of losing Lafferty.
Since Cuba began issuing small business licenses in the 1990s, to cushion the blow from losing Soviet aid, a sliver of society earns above the roughly US$15 monthly state wage doing things like filling cigarette lighters or selling books;