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The client has the ability to terminate or change the instruction to the client's qualified custodian.
A third-party custodian only reports the information provided by the issuer and does NOT verify the accuracy of the information.
The number of end clients served by fee-based financial advisor custodians will increase to 3.
He left his position a few days before the end of the 2010 season and Mrs Hall acted as temporary custodian then.
The Central Government is authorized to direct the Custodian to sell or dispose of enemy properties in such manner as may be prescribed.
With some exceptions, a custodian must obtain the individual's consent to collect, use, or disclose personal health information.
Go the extra mile and call Signal Branch at HRC to ensure a trained Soldier is requisitioned who will be there in time to allow for an orderly transfer of the custodian duties.
It is impermissible for an IRA custodian (versus a self-directed IRA advisor, or other financial "advisor") to offer advice.
Someone radioed the custodian to come,'' Gocke said.
Under both the UGMA and the UTMA, the minor immediately acquires both legal and equitable title to the subject matter of the gift held by the custodian.
That's why two NEA units, the Health Information Network (NIN) and the ESP Quality Department, recently consulted with McCarty and other seasoned custodial staffers to create a useful new brochure, Take a Deep Breath and Thank Your Custodian.