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Like MSAs, in addition to banks and insurance companies, persons may be approved as HSA custodians under the IRA nonbank trustee rules; existing IRA or Archer MSA trustees or custodians are automatically approved.
Cooperation by nominees and bank and broker custodians can be paramount to the success of a Rev.
Write thank-you notes or e-mail messages to the secretaries, custodians or grounds crew whenever they perform a special task or favor.
The water and cleaning fluids flow to the drains in the floor, and the custodians just saved hours of effort.
By contract, custodians have their personnel sweep the classrooms every other day, scrub the cafeteria floor once per week, and clean windows three times a year.
Except for the provisions relating to insurance, the new requirements will become effective on December 31, 1994, for all custodians currently holding mortgage notes and assignments ("documents") for Freddie Mac.
As an alternative to a full-service global custodian, most custodians have some sort of mechanism for handling foreign securities, some more efficient than others.
Automated management of Legal Hold Notices: Orchestria Legal Hold enables legal counsel to notify relevant custodians of a hold by means of an automatic electronic notification displayed on each custodian's computer screen.
CEO John Byrne to Discuss Opportunities for Custodians to Assume new Role at Heart of Risk Surveillance
Although a small number of students vandalize restrooms, keeping them clean at 532 schools districtwide is a Sisyphean task for custodians whose ranks have been cut by 35 percent during the past 30 years.
On the job exposure to asbestos is not a significant risk for custodians, a recent health study concludes.
Document custodians as a group have not traditionally attracted much attention in the industry - except in 1988 during the GNMA final certification crunch, and then it was the kind of attention that one always hopes to avoid.