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That is to say, at that time and under those political conditions, Eucalan believed that those in favor of the military custodianship could agree to disarm the PKK.
The man sensed a plot by his ex-wife to continue the custodianship of the children, so he resigned his job and returned to his homeland.
The 15% shareholding is still held in custodianship by trust companies.
Donee's Age at Which Custodianship Established Under the Uniform Gifts To Minors Act (UGMA) or the Uniform Transfers To Minors Act (UTMA) Ends
If someone else is the insured then the beneficiary must be the minor, the minor's estate, or a custodian, and the designation must be irrevocable so long as the custodianship remains in effect.
A fight is brewing over the custodianship of the birthplace and spiritual home of nursing in Australia--the Lucy Osburn Nightingale Foundation Museum.
Mr Al Shehabi said a petition was signed around four weeks ago by more than 210 religious leaders, stressing that the ministry has no right in imposing custodianship and restrict rules on religious institutions such as mosques.
Selected from more than 1,200 works currently held in custodianship of the Israel Museum, this exhibition comprises more than 40 paintings, drawings, prints, books and a selection of Jewish ceremonial objects.
He donated a considerable number of his drawings to the custodianship of Anglesey Council for this purpose.
During the course of its 13-year custodianship of the portfolio, Regional Aircraft has secured more than 1,400 portfolio transactions, worth in excess of $2.
Yet even with Donaldson's careful custodianship of the Wall Street status quo, members of Congress, the Bush Administration, and organizations such as the U.
Where the donor does not object to the donee's receiving the property outright upon reaching the age specified in the relevant statute--generally 18 or 21, depending on state law and often on the nature of the transaction creating the custodianship.