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The whole population appeared in the field, drawn up in lines, arrayed with the customary regard to rank and dignity.
Humorous half-columns in the local papers, written in the customary silly way by unlicked cub reporters just out of grammar school, tickled the fancy of San Francisco for a fleeting moment in that the steamship Mariposa had rescued some sea-waifs possessed of a cock-and-bull story that not even the reporters believed.
Arnold was silently contemplating, for the last time, his customary prospects of banishment to the inn, when he became aware that Sir Patrick was making signs to him.
He had not shown the slightest sign of attempting to fix anything that I had said to him in his mind, until I mentioned the time at which it was customary to permit the earliest repayment, on the part of a debtor, of money that had been advanced as a loan.
Her face was composed again to its customary expression and its customary colour.
He was hot and flushed, and was not dressed with his customary care and completeness.
Esther buried herself in the wagon which contained her daughters; the young men took their customary places among the cattle, or nigh the teams, and the whole proceeded, at their ordinary, dull, but unremitted gait.
Ishmael chose the required spot with his customary sagacity.
Here Ishmael, after making the customary signal for the train to approach, threw his vast frame upon the earth, and seemed to muse on the deep responsibility of his present situation.
2) Particularly relevant to my subject today, Charney had a special interest in the sources of international law, including customary international law and the role of international organizations.
By legal pluralism, Grenfell means the traditional customary law of community institutions and leaders that operates alongside of state legal structures and prevents the state from having a monopoly on law.