customary procedure

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According to a spokesman for the company, the customary procedure includes the following:
However, UNFICYP spokesman Bonnardeaux yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that the UN had received no warning from the police that they would be entering the buffer zone, as is the customary procedure.
25 cows is the maximum charge for paying the bride price in Nuer traditional customary laws if one fell in love with someone's daughter, he must comply with customary procedure," said Dak.
But the customary procedure vis-Aa-vis the relationships between the state and central government should have been considered," said Khanduri.
The court referred the case of Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, also known as Hammam El-Kamouny, to the Grand Mufti to ratify his execution in a customary procedure.
Scales pointed out that the union did not release a "bill of particulars," a customary procedure for listing grievances before a no-confidence vote.
Thursday's change in the customary procedure wasn't announced to reporters until after practice concluded.
A more legitimate and customary procedure would be as follows: (i) the debtor holds an auction, (ii) the debtor provides notice of the proposed assignee to the respective landlord, along with all evidence of adequate assurance of future performance, (iii) the landlord is provided with a reasonable opportunity to evaluate the proposed assignee and evidence of adequate assurance of future performance (at least one week); (iv) the landlord is given an opportunity to file and serve an objection, if necessary, setting forth the specific reasons why the proposed assignee is unacceptable; and (v) an evidentiary hearing is scheduled if necessary to resolve any dispute.
Andrew Parkhouse, of Heaton Hall Road, Heaton, was stopped by security officers at Newcastle Magistrates' Court and asked to empty his pockets before they performed the customary procedure of scanning him with a hand-held metal detector.
Per customary procedure, this item is not assigned a price.
However, the Teessiders have been allocated only 900 tickets - in excess of the 5 per cent required by UEFA - and most are expected to be snapped up by season-ticket holders who, in line with the club's customary procedure, will be given preference.
Contrary to the required and customary procedure, we were not informed of or invited to attend the meeting.