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The list of items upon which a duty is imposed when they are imported into the United States, together with the rates at which such articles are taxed.

The term tariff is also used in reference to the actual custom or duty payable on such items.


Customs Duties; Import Quotas.


(Bill), noun account, itemized account, list, list of items, money's worth, quoted price, price list, scale of prices, table of charges


(Duties), noun assessment, duty, excise, levy, schedule of duties, tax
See also: duty, excise, fare, imposition, levy, tax


the level of punishment imposed or recommended for a criminal offence.

TARIFF. Customs, duties, toll. or tribute payable upon merchandise to the general government is called tariff; the rate of customs, &c. also bears this name and the list of articles liable to duties is also called the tariff.
     2. For the tariff of duties imposed on the importation of foreign merchandise into the United States.

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Colour picture tubes have been exempted from basic customs duty to make cathode ray TVs cheaper and more affordable to weaker sections.
The customs duty on motorcycles with engine capacity of 800cc or more has been increased from 60 per cent to 75 per cent.
The committee included a number of members from the Customs Duty Officers Union, including Ahmed Mustafa, Customs Duty Officer Captain, Madhat Habshi, First Mate, Muhammad al-Argawi, Second Mate, Muhammad Nassar, the Union's General Secretary, al-Sayyid Mansour, Union Treasurer, and Union Board members, Nabil Hassan, Ahmed al-Shahat and Latfi al-Shahat.
Rajesh Sasidhar from Dubai, who also prompted three of his friends to sign the petition, said it (the customs duty on gold) is an injustice to NRIs.
FBR has also termed the proposal for the reduction in customs duty from 20 to 5% on the import of tyres not manufactured locally as non-viable and not implementable and said that it would create administrative difficulties.
Under the current customs duty system only those goods that are imported into the region are subject to taxes while the inter-GCC trade is exempt from customs duties.
Customs duty being reduced on steel melting scrap and aluminum scrap from 5 per cent to nil.
Spirits will remain subject to a basic customs duty of 150%, while the duty on wine will be increased from 100 percent to 150 percent, the WTO's bound rate.
The initial cost of the project was $235 million," says North West chairman Enoch Kavindele, "but we will not be required to pay customs duty, so the cost will be $200 million.
James Hurst, senior indirect manager at Grant Thornton's Birmingham office, said: "In recent years HM Revenue & Customs (HRMC) has seen a dramatic rise in the number of packages arriving in the United Kingdom on which customs duty and import VAT is due.
And countries will be on the lookout to collect on those fines, to make up for federal revenues lost because of the lower income taxes, as well the loss of customs duty and excise levies.
Failure to recognize the significance of customs duty issues during business planning could cause missed opportunities worth millions and create a duty or customs penalty exposure if not properly addressed.
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