cut apart

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Pouches are filled with the wetted towelettes, sealed, slit and cut apart to form individual pouches.
For a personalized touch, help your classroom Cupid stand out with custom cut apart photo cards starting at $0.
Samir Nasri's shot was deflected behind off Lescott with Albion's defence cut apart down their left as Navas was given far too much room to find any number of team-mates in the box.
Panahian said Ayatollah Khomeini decades ago "taught us that these criminal extremists [such as the Islamic State] are no different for us than liberals; both are the blades of a pair of scissors trying to cut apart the middle path.
Combining the formaldehyde and double amine at around 50[degrees] C created a gel that, when cut apart and placed back together, reformed into a seamless whole.
But Swansea will be heartened by the fact that Leicester can be cut apart - they have conceded more shots on target (46) than any other top-flight team.
Frustratingly, the Sky Blues had started reasonably well in a game of largely end-to-end action and were never cut apart by the highest scorers in the third tier who, according to their manager Steve Cotterill, didn't play particularly well by their standards.
British Armed Forces are among the small minority of NATO militaries that still have personnel participating in archaic trauma training drills in which live animals are shot and cut apart, even though more than 80 per cent of the UK's NATO allies use sophisticated simulators and other non-animal methods.
Presumably the work was a figuration of pan-Bengali culture about to be cut apart by the 1947 scalpel.
hree Carlisle have leaked 13 goals in their first three League games and it was clear that the patience of their supporters was wearing thin as the home defence was cut apart by a rampant Sky Blues' attack.
Third, Israel is alluding to land swaps, whereby six settlement blocs that cut apart the West Bank and prevent the emergence of a viable Palestinian state are kept in place, even as Israel steals Palestinian homes every day in Jerusalem and bans Palestinians who leave the city from returning.
It provokes fears of being cut apart, of a terrible loss of control.