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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

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Many times, when a manager starts to cut corners, good management techniques go out the door.
And, famously, he cut corners in the original-painting department by making a few of them himself.
Contractor reform is important, but it often means companies cut corners to make money," says Susan Gordon, executive director of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability.
company cut corners in the design of the plant in order to reduce construction costs.
Hamilton says that NASA hasn't cut corners on shuttle safety.
This isn't an exercise in objectivity: While the authors do believe that at many companies, "option-induced avarice spurred corporate chieftains to cut corners, cook the books and dupe investors into buying shares at inflated prices," they also contend that "most corporations in America would enjoy more motivated workers and larger profits if they embraced partnership capitalism centered around employee stock options.
He reminisces uneasily about the pressures he felt as a young stockbroker to cut corners at the expense of his clients, and in surprisingly frank terms--given his vaunted career on Wall Street--he warns investors that, for the most part, they'd be better off firing their brokers.
But what the current Wall Street scandals so obviously show is that it is the essence of the free market to cut corners, not only on ledgers, but also on environmental regulations, workplace hazards, product safety, and wages and hours.
These results, along with anecdotal evidence, leads McCabe to conclude that while the Internet is clearly a convenient tool for students already looking to cut corners, it is not necessarily fostering great numbers of "new" cheaters.
I don't want to cut corners based on what the Dow is doing any particular month," said Nichol.
Meghan Herlihy, 18, of New Canaan, Connecticut, cut corners on the clothes.
A final point: If you don't cut corners in your recruiting, if you don't bring in losers to play for you, if you don't monkey with the eligibility rules, if you don't allow just anybody to help you recruit, if you keep your players out of bars, and if You keep a close check on their associations.