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TO CUT, crim. law. To wound with an instrument having a sharp edge. 1 Russ. on Cr. 577. Vide To Stab; Wound.

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Any worries that Sabbath wouldn't cut it on this tour without original drummer Bill Ward were dispelled within minutes when his replacement, Tommy Clufetos, cut loose with some outrageous fills.
wins PS25, the others PS10 YET another "troubled" YE Am" American has cut loose with a weapon and wiped out innocent bystanders.
They held a 6-3 edge at the interval, two penalties by fullback Josh Hickman sandwiching a NLD kick, but they cut loose in the second half - Stephen Ballard claiming a pushover try and Dan Leake bursting through to give Clark McCallum the chance of a second conversion.
Cut loose from the pressure of fronting a cult band, Reznor is coming into his own as a composer - this soundtrack is his most ambitious yet, if not the creepiest.
Front-runners Esclusham routed Llanrwst in a comprehensive 165-94 divide as Leighton Roberts 21-3 and Darren Lacey and David A Jones both 21-9 cut loose, leaving Michael Pritchard 21-18 Llanrwst's lone winner.
The second half saw Lepton cut loose with Mitchell completing his hat trick before Nick Robinson, Simon Walsh and JP Flynn increased the lead before Mitchell rounded off matters with the 10th goal.
IRELAND'S ability to cut loose at the Stadio Flaminio, above, has Brian O'Driscoll relishing a return to the Eternal City on Saturday week.
The Angus gaffer got into the festive spirit when he let his squad cut loose with loved ones over the holiday period.
Daniel said: ''I imagine being like sort of cut loose, just doing whatever I like in terms of projects.
We're told that about 40 people were cut loose, and a good portion of them were early retirements.
The Kangaroos rugby league led only 8-0 at halftime but cut loose after the break with six second-half tries to book their place in the Elland Road decider.
Alone, each company's decision to scale back workers makes sense in a sour economy, Cutcher-Gershenfeld said, but collectively, a flurry of layoffs will accelerate a downward spiral if employees are simply cut loose.