cut short

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On Thursday afternoon he cut short a committee meeting, jumped into a hansom, and drove to Bedford Square.
But there is another sorrow of mothers who alone know what their child was really; who alone have received his smiles and observed the treasures of a life too soon cut short.
Occasionally she risked a stupid word, an observation which du Bousquier cut short with a glance.
Father Jove, if I ever did you service in word or deed among the immortals, hear my prayer, and do honour to my son, whose life is to be cut short so early.
THE recovery in export sales has been cut short by higher oil prices, security fears and currency movements, according to the Irish Exporters Association.
A captain of the University of Kansas football team, Amberg's promising pro career was cut short by service in the Korean War.
Summary: A lower league Brazilian football match was cut short after riot police used pepper spray because a player refused to leave the pitch.
PEARBLOSSOM - Keppel Union School District trustees cut short a meeting after about 100 teachers and supporters showed up in protest of stalled contract negotiations but couldn't all fit inside the board room.
GEORGE BEST was a footballing pin-up in the 1960s, but his career at Manchester United was cut short by his drinking.
Furthermore, after domestic Treasury issuance was cut short in the third quarter of last year, the government in early 2003 successfully resolved prior concerns regarding the transparency and liquidity of domestic issuance.
By Friday, his weekly mileage totaled 170 - short of his goal of 200 because he'd had to cut short a ride to make a doctor's appointment.
THE US space shuttle, Endeavour, launched last Friday, may have to cut short its mission because of fuel problems.