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And the young cast, well rehearsed, well schooled, and vibrant, cut to the quick of the ballet.
Why, if women have spent so much time pondering the issue, is there nothing in capital "L" literature to help us cut to the quick of this deeply symbolic act?
To cut to the quick in color reminds me of the direct cutting of the sculptors.
CUT TO THE QUICK Fast bowler Jimmy Anderson will be eager to prove a point to Proteas captain AB de Villiers in Centurion
Anyway," I shuffled, trying to cut to the quick, "fancy Jim.
So let's cut to the quick and not wait to play teams in and around us when we might be nine points adrift.
PAUL BURRELL, apparently, is cut to the quick at cruel suggestions that he is cashing in on his special relationship with Princess Diana.
So the suggestion any of its members could break the rules by leaking a confidential inquiry report cut to the quick.
Cut to the quick, Paul took vengeful steps to make sure Madeleine had no further news of either of them.