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The sale includes great discounts on products from the leading dinnerware maker's diverse product lines, including CorningWare, Chicago Cutlery, Corelle, EKCO, Pyrex, Revere and Snapware.
Another key to the success of the Santoku is its versatility: The knife has a flat blade that can be used for slicing, but also has the stability of a chef's knife that makes it suitable for chopping, said Laura Ranieri, brand manager for Chicago Cutlery.
Self-Sharpening Cutlery into a knife block, at which point viewers are pulled inside the block to a mystical factory.
The R11008 is made by Bear & Sun Cutlery in partnership with Remington.
ACTOR Harrison Ford pops to a hardware shop to buy cutlery yesterday - perhaps looking for a blade runner.
Existing children's cutlery is a miniature version of adult cutlery.
LUXURY cutlery firm Arthur Price is carving out a slice of the chopsticks market - with lucrative orders in the likes of Mongolia, Singapore and other Far East countries.
Serve up colourful feasts with a set of brightly handled cutlery.
com)-- Dispensing cutlery one piece at a time is an effective way for foodservice operations to assure diners that close attention is paid to their health and well-being, which helps create a positive image for the foodservice establishment.
A simple question by a diner at a McDonald's restaurant could signal a landmark shift in the story of the global fast food giant after an outlet in Australia became the first in the world to provide cutlery.
SCHMIDT BROTHERS CUTLERY wants to turn the cutlery category on its ear.