cutting down

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The lecturer proposes adopting sustainable harvesting that eliminates cutting down of trees and encourages collection of dry matter, trimming branches for firewood and honey harvesting.
Tehsil nazim Khurram Khan Swati has already announced the immediate halt to the cutting down of trees in Koh-i-Bahra forests, saying necessary changes would be made to the family park project to prevent the cutting down of trees.
26 ( ANI ): No safe level of smoking exists; smokers should aim to quit instead of cutting down, as according to a study just one cigarette a day also carries a greater risk of heart disease and stroke.
The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources inspected the area on the Metbuat Avenue, Yasamal District, and drew up a report on the cutting down of trees.
The cutting down of the Cypress trees is part of the government plan to expand the Larnaca, Aglandja and Famagusta Avenues from two to four lanes.
The University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) revised plans that would involve cutting down trees on its 12.
The Delhi Government has increased the security deposit for cutting down of trees for personal as well as commercial and development purposes.
A few, no doubt, will do well with cutting down, for a while, but in my experience that number is small and the benefits of cutting down transient.
Cutting down trees is an extremist act that is performed weekly on the Palestinian lands with no end in sight.
Large trucks need to transport turbine parts for the construction of the wind power plant, necessitating the cutting down of even more trees so that the trucks can drive through forested areas.
Pick early peas, cutting down the top growth after harvesting but leaving the roots of the peas in the soil to return valuable nitrogen to it
Neighbours reported a man cutting down the trees with a chainsaw before taking away the stolen wood in a lorry.