cutting down

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The City Attorney's office filed criminal charges against Dunn, accusing him of illegally cutting down protected oak trees without a permit, said Mike Qualls, City Attorney's Office spokesman.
Last year the company was fined $71,800 by the county for cutting down two other oaks in the same area, south of Pico Canyon Road and west of The Old Road.
What is most likely to upset Littlerock residents, he said, is if developers are allowed to remove large stands of Joshua trees but individual homeowners are blocked from cutting down single trees.
2 -- color) Even the family dog, with Brandon, left, Tom and Tony Baal, gets in on the act at The Tree Mover, where customers have the option of cutting down their own tree.
Earlier reports emphasized cutting down on fat, whereas this puts physical activity and avoiding excess calories at a higher level,'' Willett said.
All trees may contribute to allergies, but cutting down nearby plants will have little impact on pollen, which can travel for miles.
The Delhi Government has increased the security deposit for cutting down of trees for personal as well as commercial and development purposes.
A few, no doubt, will do well with cutting down, for a while, but in my experience that number is small and the benefits of cutting down transient.
Cutting down trees is an extremist act that is performed weekly on the Palestinian lands with no end in sight.
Large trucks need to transport turbine parts for the construction of the wind power plant, necessitating the cutting down of even more trees so that the trucks can drive through forested areas.
Pick early peas, cutting down the top growth after harvesting but leaving the roots of the peas in the soil to return valuable nitrogen to it
Neighbours reported a man cutting down the trees with a chainsaw before taking away the stolen wood in a lorry.