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2) the most intensive initial wear is in the cutting length L up to 3270 m--the width of the cutting edge b is rapidly increasing.
Cutting Edge is a great example of a Queensland company with the skills and expertise to take on global companies on the international stage, Ms Palaszczuk said.
This paper is focused on the experimental cutting testing of several cutting tools with different cutting edge qualities.
Supporting Cutting Edge Spine in every phase of the development of the new EVOS system now entering the U.
Cutting Edge Gas was showcased recently at SteelFab 2010, the largest exhibition of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, which offers a wide range of machinery and equipment in metal working, metal manufacturing and steel fabrication to specialised segments in the industry.
Tool cost was also greatly reduced thanks to the longer cutting edge and the fact that on the round inserts we can use up to 20 edges, not just the 14 that Seco promised.
Thompson's cutting edge comments on how to manage the difficult lipid patient were greatly appreciated by the clinician's in the audience.
We've also ensured our ability to cost-effectively supply EUV light sources to the semiconductor industry by acquiring Cutting Edge Optronics, a solid state laser and laser diode company.
By that I mean we approach swimwear from a creative viewpoint with a cutting edge, compared to East Coast swimsuit manufacturers.
A previous study [7] showed that cutting-power consumption could be decreased by decreasing the diamond film thickness and by polishing the diamond film near the cutting edge.
If all goes as planned, Fab 30 by the end of the year will begin yielding its primary and perhaps only product: the cutting edge, copper-based Athlon microprocessor chip, formerly known as K-7.