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When Yeats had proposed to her, for instance, both the Gonnes had cuttingly shown themselves to be "a little indignant" at what they regarded as his "prosaic" choice of bride.
Cuttingly (mis)appropriating one of Adorno's coinages, Kittler refers to Heidegger's wish to "establish the primacy of the object.
American county, (183) with one cuttingly suggesting that "Western
As Emily cuttingly says, "You sold your soul the day you put on that first pair of Jimmy Choos" (scene 23).
However, for me, the real star of this film is Fry C* his cuttingly wry sense of humour could brighten anyone's darkest day.
0 A BANNER from Kansas fans cuttingly read: "Liverpool took your boy - now Kansas will take your pride.
Why was this meal archived at the origins of a nation now synonymous with "hamburgers and the sale of cheap animal flesh," as the Iacobbos cuttingly remark (xi).
Tiffany notices a ring on her aunt's finger but Pat cuttingly (though sadly not correctly) remarks that Ryan wouldn't be stupid enough to marry Janine.
Vulture investors," as they are sometimes cuttingly referred to, realize there is still enormous value in distressed properties if their pension obligations can transferred to the PBGC.
He avoids dealing with players, stays out of locker rooms, writes cuttingly and then goes into a private studio built for him in the SunTimes newsroom, where he does the broadcast.
Mozart framed the evening, beginning with a rich, full-blooded Don Giovanni Overture, string response zippy, winds cuttingly balanced within the textures.
The judges appeared to agree with him, with Bruno Tonioli cuttingly comparing him to a vacuum cleaner.