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Ya mi numen rehusa/la invocacion Antigua/del mentido Parnaso/y sus fingidas Ninfas" (13-16), she writes cuttingly of her old muses and gods, who are no longer simply sources of frivolity, as she had admonished Gerarda, but of lies and deceptions.
The conversations are cuttingly ironic, with an underlying Foucauldian critique of society's control of personal sexuality.
Someone said cuttingly of me, 'She lent a little too-fugitive glamour to those Hellespont royals.
Although John Lennon once cuttingly remarked, when asked whether Ringo was the best drummer in the world, that he wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles, I think it is safe to say that, based on my efforts, the Ringo kid has nothing to worry about.
Then I remembered a poem by WH Auden, and we tried to get permission to reproduce the first part of it here, as it so humorously and cuttingly expresses all the definitions of the law that do reflect reality of how the law is used.
Look out the window, if the waves are making a noise in the evening, just phone down and we'll see if we can move you over to one of the rooms on the other side of the hotel," Tosh cuttingly said.
Tosh cuttingly said: "Another five-star hotel boys, here we are in Rimini now.
At this mention of children Maurice suddenly falls into a despondent hush, as "it had not occurred to him before that neither he nor his friend would leave life behind them" (Forster 1981, 96); or, putting a more cuttingly grandiose cadence on it, that "he and the beloved would vanish utterly--would continue neither in Heaven nor on Earth" (97).
Most cuttingly, Padilla argued that La Vida was bad science and bad scholarship.
Rice said, somewhat cuttingly, "The Iranian people deserve the same right to express themselves online and through social media as their leaders enjoy.
Soyinka wrote off negritude as a "philosophical straitjacket," cuttingly remarking in one famous essay: "A tiger does not proclaim its tigritude.