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The output gap is an obvious candidate to explain cyclically unadjusted surpluses.
In this paper, a snark is a cyclically 4-edge-connected Class 2 cubic graph.
In this paper, a time domain based PAPR reduction technique is proposed to generate multiple candidates each with different PAPR values by employing cyclically shifted sequences.
But this happens cyclically and it's nothing new," she said.
With the integrated POWERLINK network, data such as the supply voltage, current and power on the DC bus and the temperatures of the power elements is recorded cyclically allowing for seamless diagnosis of the entire machine from the power mains to the drive motor.
New research confirms that cyclically poor sleep can elevate stress, and improving sleep quality reduces and helps manage everyday stress.
The real cause is the over exploitation of poor quality land exacerbated by cyclically occurring droughts.
That content includes divisibility in the natural numbers, linear equations through the ages, the prime numbers, thinking cyclically, Fermat and Euler, cryptography, polynomial congruence, quadratic reciprocity, Pythagorean triples, sums of squares, Fermat's last theorem, diophantine approximations and Pell equations, primality testing, and mathematical induction.
GCC rates usually track the Federal Reserve but economists say it is unlikely the booming GCC, cyclically out of step with the US, will follow any Fed decision to cut rates in a bid to revive growth after the US sub-prime crisis.
We are in the second half of an interglacial period, the latest of many that have recurred cyclically over the past two million years.
Self-regulation of learning is cyclically initiated when learners set valuable academic goals, select learning strategies, and assess the feelings and motivational beliefs they need to attain the goals.