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Just as the cyclorama (often cited in pre-histories of virtual reality) seems to anticipate the immersive Cave technology of today, so Daphne's reverie seems to yearn for the multiple, bifurcating narratives, the ones that keep many possibilities alive and in play, so important to Coover's corpus; those narratives which anticipated the hypertext software his own institution, Brown University, duly, if coincidentally, delivered.
The Cyclorama offers visitors a unique experience of the battle with its three dimensional diorama, surround sound, lighting and narration.
The cyclorama that lay upstage was next lit to evoke a midday seascape for the box-tree scene and the wooden decking floor became an imagined beach as Maria and Sirs Toby and Andrew hid behind a windbreak upstage left prior to Malvolio's entrance.
THE EUR12 million restoration of North America's largest Cyclorama will be unveiled at Gettysburg Museum and Visitors Centre on Friday.
For over a century, one of the most popular attractions at the site has been a vast cyclorama of the battle.
With the aid of a cyclorama and some nifty kaleidoscopic light work by designer Nick McCord, conversations are replayed and edited to make a given character look more or less sympathetic, monstrous or deranged, depending on who's doing the telling.
Physically reminiscent of a Victorian cyclorama, the cylinder has animated lights on the exterior shell which signal when each camera is about to take a picture.
Physically reminiscent of a Victorian cyclorama, The O2 Memory Project is a 10 foot high cylinder with 11 cameras placed equidistance around its perimeter.
As an indigo cyclorama brightened to dawn-pink, the dancers woke from stillness into movement.
The cyclorama depicting the Mississippi River from its source to the delta was 3.
Experiencing a cyclorama (a large mural that tells a story on walls that encircle a room) was also seminal because it "epitomized the end of a type of moving picture making--movies were around the corner--and, like movies, was second-class, overwrought, exhibiting no complexity and not large-scale enough to overwhelm and encompass you.
Other history museums and attractions include the Atlanta History Center, the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum (a huge painting and diorama in-the-round, with a rotating central audience platform, that depicts the Battle of Atlanta in the Civil War), the Carter Center and Presidential Library, historic house museum Rhodes Hall, and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum.