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He said: "This increase is a slap in the face for lowpaid workers struggling with a cost of living crisis, especially when George Osborne cynically held out hope that the rate would rise to PS7.
You cynically preyed upon that trust, and the vulnerability which resulted from it, for your own sexual gratification.
Never before have the housemates been so cynically hand-picked to appeal to the basest and most prurient instincts of viewers.
Joseph Mulcahy and David Foley set up the Tyneside-based Dream Foundation in 1994 with the promise it would grant terminally-ill children's wishes - but cynically pocketed thousands of pounds of fundraisers' cash instead.
If a defender cynically hauls back or scythes down an opponent who would otherwise be through on goal, send him off.
Richard Gere, though, is clearly having so much fun getting to warble a part that he's perfected in countless films--the smiling weasel--that he's the only performer (besides Queen Latifah's prison matron) who seems intent on making the cynically exuberant totality of the show come alive for listeners.
She cynically writes 'Welsh names in Wales, what next?
Critics will say they are being insensitive, cynically cutting costs at their employees' expense.
If Cromwell had not by deed, word, and mutual trust inspired loyalty and admiration (or, more cynically, had pro-parliament sources not represented Cromwell in such terms), what would have been the point of the deflation and debunking?
We now accept that Mr James did not cynically charm his way into the affections of Mrs McGlone and did not spend Mrs McGlone's compensation monies.
Judson Memorial Church has so often been the scene of rages and outrages that one is tempted cynically toward a new interpretation of the King James declaration, "Jesus wept.
Hauling water for teachers' unions, cynically manipulating the soccer mom vote, trashing the speechless Bob Dole as "wrong in the past, wrong for our future," all while abandoning the kids at risk - well, that's what seizing the moral high ground on education was really all about.