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If they sense that they are being cynically manipulated for 'entertainment's' sake, they should immediately protest, 'Huwag naman po-sa akin na po 'yon-bakit niyo pinagagawa yon sa akin-nakakatawa ba 'yon?
We are now faced with a possible threat to the future of the Durham Miners' Gala which has a wonderful history of celebrating the achievements of the Trade Union movement and the contribution made by our mining communities over many generations before they were cynically destroyed by Thatcher's Tories.
And I think these were skills of the game that were being lost by guys getting cynically taken out of it.
The Liberals are cynically holding Tasmanian families to ransom to help them win government.
The defendants deliberately chose to ignore the enforcement notice and deliberately and cynically exploited the planning process.
FURIOUS community leaders in The Scheme yesterday accused the BBC of cynically chasing ratings by putting the show back on TV.
There is no doubt that some voices will exploit this cynically, but they do not see the reality, only the distortions and falsifications.
So did Maggie Thatcher when she cynically shifted people on to invalidity benefit to massage the unemployment figures down.
BBC bosses' efforts to make amends by moving departments to Manchester are cynically tokenistic, and have been met with widespread resistence by staff, not least those at BBC Breakfast which made its announcement to move this week.
Over the big photo showing former president Branko Crvenkovski and Constitutional Court judges, the paper cynically says how funny it will be when the Constitutional Court decides to annul Duma's dismissal.
Mourinho's side, protecting a 3-1 lead from the first leg, were reduced to 10 men following Thiago Motta's 28th-minute dismissal, but the Italians defended heroically - and at times cynically - to deny Pep Guardiola's men.
Advancing this peace would also help prevent Iran from cynically shifting attention away from its failures to meet its obligations," Jones said in prepared remarks to a dinner in Washington, released by the White House.