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Hypothesis 3: The moderating effect of social cynicism on transference of anxious attachment style from mother to romantic partner will be stronger among people from the US than for Hong Kong Chinese.
My cynicism was well founded when I spotted an enforcement van parked in a layby at 2.
The first thing everybody who actually studies cynicism learns is that this contemporary, commonsense meaning of cynicism differs greatly from that of its classical origins.
Secondly, we hypothesized that work-related psychological flexibility would act as a moderator in the relationship between exhaustion and cynicism.
Organizational cynicism is a premier organizational issue that has recently gained a popularity in business literature as a result of the cut-throat competition and subsequently the excessive amounts of stress an employee may face (Yasin & Khalid, 2015; Nazir, Ahmad, Nawab & Shah, 2016 and Khan, Naseem & Masood, 2016).
This is the most widely accepted theory explaining the development of burnout in the scientific community, but authors such as Golembiewski (1993) establish that cynicism precedes inefficacy, and inefficacy leads to exhaustion; others, such as Gil-Monte (2005) suggest that exhaustion and inefficacy have a direct effect on cynicism.
Meanwhile, job burnout, represented by Emotional Exhaustion, Cynicism and Professional Efficacy was adopted from Maslach's Burnout Inventory General Survey.
Specifically, it examines how political information efficacy and campaign cynicism mediate the impact of election news exposure on both types of voting behavior.
Organizational cynicism is rampant throughout the modern workplace (Dean et al, 1998; Neves, 2012; Chiaburu et al.
Outcome variables included 2 work experience measures--the Maslach Burnout Inventory cynicism scale and a 1-item measure of the "do-ability" of primary care this year compared with last year.
Cynicism is our biggest enemy, not capitalism or conservatism - cynicism" - Singer and activist Billy Bragg.