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Neoplasms with cystic degeneration and necrosis are not included in this grouping because this finding is not only common in renal neoplasms but also occurs in nearly every type of renal tumor.
Neoplastic mimickers of characteristic features of TB spondylitis TB spondylitis characteristi Neoplastic mimicker Pre/paravertebral abscess Ewing's cystic degeneration (4) Rim enhancement of abscess Cystic neuroblastoma/Ewing's (5,4) Extension beyond level of Neuroblastoma (5) bone destruction Multifocal Neurofibromatosis, (8) neuroblastoma (5) Disc involvement Metastases (3)
The homogeneous enhancement is the rule for smaller lesions, while larger lesions may show areas of necrosis and cystic degeneration and have heterogeneous or only peripheral enhancement (Figures 23 and 24).
It has been hypothesized that cervical thymic cysts occur as a result o f cystic degeneration of Hassall corpuscles or cystic changes in remnants of the thymopharyngeal ducts.
10) On computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, the tumor is often well circumscribed, encapsulated, and heterogeneous with hemorrhagic and cystic degeneration.
A histopathological examination revealed a cystic lesion in the paratesticular region that contained many hemosiderin-laden macrophages and an area of cystic degeneration containing broken, digested fibrinoid material surrounded by longitudinal muscles (Fig.
However, a large central part of the mass remained hypodense with no contrast uptake, which was attributed to huge cystic degeneration of the mass (Figure 2C).
8 cm mass in the pelvis consistent with multiple large uterine fibroids with areas of heterogeneity and cystic degeneration.
Cystic degeneration may be seen, including scarring and calcification.