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D.E NOVO. Anew. afresh. When a judgment upon an issue in part is reversed on error, for some mistake made by the court, in the course of the trial, a venire de novo is awarded in order that the case may again be submitted to the jury.

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21 December 2017 - US-based private equity firm Sentinel Capital Partners has acquired US-based restaurant franchisor Captain D's, the firm said.
anything to tell me, D's response because the questions
Use cream #1 C's with black #1 D's and black #3 D's
El destino sin embargo es muy difuso: <<la tierra que te mostrare>>, que solo reconoceran cuando D's la revele.
We were a little concerned about old Pokey D's when we learned it had fallen behind in turning over the 2 percent hotel and restaurant tax from the first few months it was open.
In giving traffic a failing grade - it's received D's since 2000 - SCAG officials cited the 93 hours that commuters waste in congestion each year, the lack of new roadways and the lagging use of mass transit.
Under ACJA provisions, ABC has to adjust D's basis in the partnership property under Sec.
Toledo is a working-class city, so Captain D's appeals to this market.
If the judge agrees to grant us leave to appeal I will be the happiest man in Britain,' said Child D's father.
22 it has signed a broadcast agreement with FCN Television in San Jose, Costa Rica and received an initial purchase order for US$59,000 for the "Gina D's Kids Club" three episode DVD and "Cuddle Bug" plush toy along with the "Gina D's Cuddle Bug Christmas" DVD, Music CD and "Christmas Cuddle Bug" plush toy.
Morrison emphasizes the importance of singing to Paul D's survival through her repeated acknowledgment at the outset of the novel that his songs "were too loud [and] had too much power for the little house chores he was engaged in" (40).
Under the facts of Example 1, D appears to recognize gain under section 355(e) in the amount of $50 (the amount of D's gain in its C stock), because the distribution of C was part of a plan under which P acquired a 50-percent or greater interest in D.