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It is suggested that, if used properly, standing DABs can add value to a project in terms of real life dispute avoidance.
It remains the case that DABs are not being used in the region to the extent they are in other parts of the world.
Seventeen members fished, with 12 weighing in a total of 34 flounder, 12 dab and three plaice.
He thinks "some" India-made metres may be faulty because DABS was not able to supervise the purchase.
As the metres were provided by donors to Ministry of Power and Energy, which handed them over to DABS, the company has distributed it in different parts of the city," he says.
The broad applicability of dAbs and their ability to quickly produce novel therapeutics has made Domantis an attractive partner for the pharmaceutical industry and it has struck deals with Bristol Myers Squibb, Peptech, Abbott Laboratories, ImClone, Tanox and Argenta Discovery whilst also attracting funding from the European Union for several therapeutic collaborations.
In 1989, scientists in the MRC-LMB laboratories of Sir Gregory Winter published the discovery of dAbs.
He was fishing from Saltburn Pier and his dab weighed 12oz.
Chris Wood was runner up in the match, fished by 17 with three weighing in, wth a dab weighing 6.
He also fished from the pier as did third placed Rod Oswin, who caught six whiting and a dab for 3lb 7.
It is the most comprehensive report ever written about the European digital radio market with a 30-page review of the state of DAB in 17 European countries; a 20-page analysis of the data potential of DAB as well as detailed chapters about the prospects of Digital Radio Mondiale and mobile Digital Satellite Radio.
Runner-up Mick Smith caught the biggest fish, a plaice of 1lb 3oz, and added two flounder and two dabs for 3lb 8oz.