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Defending, Duncan Phillips added: "He was found by police who, as reported in the local press at the time, described him as the friendliest, daftest and sweetest dog they had ever met.
And speaking of bears, just wait till you see one of the props that Frank is modelling tonight - it's one of the daftest ever.
The daftest moment comes when, after a very obvious punchline, Sly says: "I didn't see that coming
com This is likely to be one of the daftest things you've seen, but it really does serve a purpose.
NEW TUBE: Watch Britain's answer to Mike Tyson punch himself in the face - the daftest boxing blow you'll ever see.
Stephen Makin, of Allerton, wrote: "This is one of the daftest schemes the council has come up with yet.
As Orson would have said: "Wales, probably the daftest people in the world.
The daftest objection I heard was from Robbie Savage on BBC's phonein, who stated the outcome of technology was only one person's opinion
The daftest heard was Now the EFL clubs have agreed Savage, who outcome of was only to use goal-line technology in next month's Championship play-off semi-finals before using it in all Championship games next season.
People say the daftest of things to hide their embarrassment.
The building of a new BBC headquarters on what is a very well established bus station has to be the daftest idea to date.