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Obviously all sportspeople need to practise - except when it comes to penalty shootouts, as so many professional footballers daftly tell us - so who knows how many hours of viewing pleasure could be at our disposal.
WE'RE becoming as daftly shortsighted and hypocritical as those vigilantes - always from council estates - who take to the streets to hound paedophiles from their homes, thereby ensuring these criminals hide to sin unseen.
And it's a bad day for Becky too as she's arrested again by the daftly named DC Hooch, who we learn has his own reasons for devoting so many police hours to her piffling little case.
Gwyneth Paltrow is at her most charming as the daftly named Pepper Potts, Stark's loyal assistant.
Managers are colleagues and sometimes even friends but we occasionally behave daftly.
And if you believe all that you're as daftly optimistic as I am.
In 1960, daftly, they got rid of an extraordinary coach in Helenio Herrerra, who later won the European Cup twice with Inter.
Sword-and-sandal silliness which is daftly entertaining and doesn't take itself seriously.
Yep, it's another crime caper filled with flashy editing, ultra violence and daftly named crims endlessly spouting the F-word with an A where the U should be.
Marti, he of the cheesy grin and daftly named pop group Wet Wet Wet, moved to Brighton at the beginning of last year.
CRIME-FIGHTING bruvvas Jack and Tony Finn are about to turn on each other in the last episode of this daftly entertaining drama.