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Ending the first act was the New York premiere of Noche, a decidedly abstract postmodern dance choreographed by Dally with video design by Dennis Diamond.
Shirley and Dally claimed the Manager of the Month award, while Smith's consistency throughout February won him the Player of the Month prize.
Dally ended the concert with her hair swinging in time to her arms, shaking things up in the solo My Favorite Things.
TASTY: Longmoor pupils Meghan Willis and Katie Whearty helped judge the food MASTER CHEF: Winner Julie Dally with competitors Anne Capeling and Dawn Lewis and judges Suzanne Halsall, Brian Heron, Meghan Willis and Katie Whearty Picture: GAVIN TRAFFORD
Grabbit President Lauren Joy Sand decided to make the donation while working on a television screenplay about Dally, a mother of two who was murdered by her husband and his longtime lover.
The overall winner was Julie Dally, who will now go on to represent the city in a regional final of the Local Authority Caterers Association contest next year.
Even two of the county's most notorious convicted killers - Michael Dally and his lover, Diana Haun - were not retried after their juries deadlocked in the penalty phase, Wiksell said.
The match has been organised to mark October's centenary of the first rugby league tour, and Johns has been granted a release by Newcastle Knights to replicate the role of another legendary Australian half-back, Dally Messenger, who played for the Kiwis on their first trip abroad in 1907.
Still proclaiming his innocence, Michael Dally was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without parole for conspiring with his lover to murder his wife, ending the sensational two-year case but easing none of the pain for Sherri Dally's family.