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79 We know dark chocolate is better for you, but the milky stuff just tastes more fun, dammit.
Put me in the middle of the Primark summer collection and I lose complete control of my powers of sense and restraint (and, dammit, one day I will wear that sequined bikini).
Two fire appliances attended and dammit mats were used to help stop the oil spill spreading.
Gaining inspiration from leftfield surrealists Bonzo Doo Dah Dog Band and Monty Python, the songs tickle the humour gland with titles such as I Want A Moustache Dammit, Wake Up Bono, I'm Beau Brummell And I'm Just Dandy, An Ode To The Gastro Pub and The Richard Dawkins Conundrum.
This musical extravaganza will feature all of its famous musical classics, including Science Fiction/Double Feature, Dammit Janet and, of course, timeless floorfiller The Time-Warp.
Now there's a fun, affordable, last-minute present that's sure to be appreciated: the Dammit Doll.
It's motto was Smile Dammit Smile and, as well as spoof news stories, it was packed with bad gags such as: "A football scout from a Midland club is interested in Dan Druff from Ayr.
Whereas all the cast, with Leslie Grantham as Private Walker, are all recognisable as their mostly late lamented TV counterparts, Kightley's Mainwaring is everything you want in a tribute show - as near as dammit the real thing.
As we are taken with them into the bizarre world of Frank and friends - guided by legendary numbers like The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite and Dammit, Janet
But Dammit Janet, it seemed to hit the spot for a packed house of suspender-snapping devotees.
Drink and breathe dammit, we'll all soon die So live in the now or