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These results confirm that it is possible to win Down Under and also that it is damnably difficult," he added.
In Henry IV, Falstaff admits that he has "misused the King's press damnably.
Thus, in her most interesting chapter, Crawford describes how a twoheaded monster--what we would call Siamese twins--was identified in 1613 by the Puritan pastor William Leigh not only as fit punishment for its "lewd" parents (101), but as a symbol of general ungodliness in his parish of Standish, which he found damnably Romish (and thus "double-faced," like equivocal Jesuits).
She is just so damnably competent that she's irrepressible, exuberant.
Much as the lighting manager had his paid work to do, so Hotter had his paid work to do--and damnably hard work it was, not least when hopelessly parochial impresarios insisted that he relearn his roles in the local language.
This means that almost 60 per cent of people who undertake one of those damnably fiendish projects finish it with a serene smile on their faces.
Still, he never satisfactorily lands the woman of his dreams, Henriette (Laura Fraser), a beauty as spirited as he, yet far more damnably pragmatic.
They forget the decades he spent reminding the world of their existence and remember only his damnably faint praise.
But the principal was in a damnably difficult position.
had not been so damnably greedy and had others doing their negotiating.
Unless he proceeds chiefly from love, so that he invades his neighbor for the sake of mitigating his evil, and not for temporal gain, then the whole affair will be damnably infected.
As trite as it may sound, the Canadian tenor is so damnably musical that resistance is futile.