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For there again, against the glass, as if to blight his confession and stay his answer, was the hideous author of our woe--the white face of damnation.
Yet when I walk with John Barleycorn I suffer all the damnation of intellectual pessimism.
Determined, at any rate, to overwhelm all his enemies at once in a great satire, he bent all his energies, with the utmost seriousness, to writing 'The Dunciad' on the model of Dryden's 'Mac Flecknoe' and irresponsibly 'dealt damnation 'round the land.
I can accuse my own conscience of no neglect; though it is at the same time with the utmost concern I see you travelling on to certain misery in this world, and to as certain damnation in the next.
Also, in his gambling, he had one besetting weakness--faith in a system; and this made his damnation certain.
for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.
To shrink now would be worse than moral suicide; it would be nothing less than moral damnation," he thought.
If those whispers are true, it is certainly the case that modern life presents a number of supremely eligible candidates for eternal damnation.
All the tales revolve around lost souls, corruption, damnation, and perhaps the very faint hope of salvation between the hot and cold wars of Heaven and Hell.
Each of these works contributes to the Protestant repertoire of triumphs, triumphs not only in a military or political sense of the term, but also in a spiritual one, by bringing examples of Protestants who achieve victory in death and escape damnation.
The first point should be called "unconditional predestination" rather than "unconditional election," because it is about both the unconditional election of some persons for damnation as well as about the unconditional election of other persons for salvation.
Peasants feared interdiction, seeing denial of church services as a one-way ticket to eternal damnation.