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I hoped that when David was able to talk--and not merely to stare at me for five minutes and then say "hat"--his spoken verdict, however damning, would be less expressive than his verdict without words, but I was disillusioned.
Some said the Kaiser was doubtlessly already there, and there was a great deal of damning Belgium.
Had it not been for this utter stranger, they had succeeded, for who would have accepted my unsupported word against the damning evidence of those cards hidden on my person?
She could not help but measure the professors, neat, scholarly, in fitting clothes, speaking in well-modulated voices, breathing of culture and refinement, with this almost indescribable young fellow whom somehow she loved, whose clothes never would fit him, whose heavy muscles told of damning toil, who grew excited when he talked, substituting abuse for calm statement and passionate utterance for cool self-possession.
I sat up, earnestly damning the management of that unthinkable hotel, and was about to spring from the bed to go and make trouble for the night- clerk--him of the apologetic manner and the tallow candle--when something in the situation affected me with a strange indisposition to move.
 And means the damning, with bell, book and candle,