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It has to be said that I never needed tests to dampen MY enthusiasm for it.
E-business activities are expected to dampen employment requirements for marketing and sales occupations.
It will help dampen inflation for years, because wage levels in the emerging nations are substantially below those in industrial countries.
Acting to dampen overall growth in 1993 will be the continuing shift of resources from defense to nondefense industries.
But fire service officials hope predicted rainfall over the next few days will dampen moorland.
I don't want to dampen expectations and dampen the mood," he said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 6, 2011--Sectra says US budgetary issues dampen market in Q1 FY 2011(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
LimbSaver's Windjammer is designed to dampen noise and vibration through its tube filled with NAVCOIVI--a proprietary elastomeric material originally intended to quiet audio equipment and electronics.
Ms Bennett claims there should be no rush to dampen the economy by raising interest rates.
Rent stabilization often significantly diminishes a rental building's cash flow and consequently can seriously dampen its value.
The VRS dampers have a three-stage assembly that uses compression springs to dampen impact and shock load, a rubber damper to reduce torsional force and grease with the spring pockets to reduce transmission noise.
A series of winter storms, courtesy of El Nino, is expected to dampen Southern California over the next 10 days, although the skies should be clear Saturday for the Rose Parade, forecasters said Thursday.