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5 ounces, is made of aluminum and is designed to dampen vibration and noise.
FARM FIRE: Crews from Grangetown dampen down a barn after a fire ripped through the building, at Old Hall Farm, Crow Lane, Eston, in the middle of the night.
Here, the panels can dampen bass tones, which are difficult to suppress.
The pores, created by using stones of similar size in the asphalt mix, are thought to dampen the hiss of the pumped air and to impair the acoustic reflectivity of the road surface.
Heavy curtains can be drawn to dampen acoustics for amplified music, speech, and movies.
A little bit of rain won't dampen our spirits,'' he told the cheering crowd.
EXPERTS'' are warning us that testing children too young can dampen their enthusiasm for a subject -in this case, science.
Isadore and Lili may have dampened the city, but they couldn't dampen spirits at the international event.
Because they are preglued, it is only necessary to dampen them with a 1% reinforcer using a brush, roller or an adhesive device.
Nonetheless, capital investment has continued to soften and the persistent erosion in current and expected profitability, in combination with rising uncertainty about the business outlook, seems poised to dampen capital spending going forward.
A research report by Cahners In-Stat Group indicates that high spectrum costs, delays in handset introductions, and slow consumer uptake are combining to dampen prospects for 3G services.