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ISLAMABAD -- Facebook is there to help you stay in touch with your near and dear ones, but there are consequences to its consistent use, including a "lowered life satisfaction of basic psychological needs and dampened mood", according to new research.
A resident who contacted the fire service had already dampened the flames using water from his kettle.
economic data dampened expectations of a early scale back of Federal Reserve stimulus.
The Model OS-2H dampened durometer operating stand is offered for the operation of durometers in the A, B.
economic indicators dampened expectations for the U.
And the crowd's spirit was not dampened by the snow which hit Wrexham earlier with about 10,000 thousand pouring through the turnstile.
Summary: With a large number of people struggling to make credit card payments that has dampened the spirit of the banks to rope in new customers, the credit card business is at an all time low in Chennai.
Place it on a spot board (a flat board, about a metre square, placed at waist height on a stable base), which you've dampened first.
None of these challenges has dampened Roy's enthusiasm for life, especially where golf is concerned.
But she ended up with dampened spirits - and dampened everything else - after being showered with bubbly during a sour grapes incident at a polo event.
Theory says that if a currency is undervalued, exports are boosted while imports are dampened.
Many of the premium European vehicles are moving toward using dampened fuel rails.