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The WHP dampeners are currently being sampled by various Hi-Fi dealers and wholesalers and WHP is awaiting feed-back in preparation for wholesale selling.
A back pressure valve installed in series with a dampener can negate the dampening effect if the valve is opening and closing before the dampener is able to capture a full pulse.
The P13 per kWh trigger, PIPPA proposed, was reckoned from the running average of the load weighted average price (LWAP) and the 'price dampener measure' must be implemented on the 7th day that the recommended trigger is reached.
When you rotate the angled rotors while they are pitched, you can be certain the anti-collision light will get smashed by the blade dampener on the aft rotor.
So it's heartening to see that the boundaries of what can be taught outside are continually changing - especially in these days when health and safety can so often put a dampener on some of the more exciting activities.
The spray bars are equipped with the Baldwin G5 single-drive valve system, engineered from the technology found in previous Baldwin dampener designs, but with performance and durability upgraded, and serviceability improved.
Patent 8,404,310 (March 26, 2013), 'Thermoset Dampener Material," Martine Rousse and Ludovic Valette (Dow Global Technologies LLC, Midland, Michigan, USA).
FAMILIES feel so ripped off by airports and budget airlines that it can put a dampener on their holiday before they even take off.
The Alliance said stamp duty had been 'transformed from a small irritant to a major dampener on housing activity'.
Global Banking News-April 15, 2013--New mortgage rules put dampener on home sales in Canada(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The dampener lowers the durometer at the same rate for each test, resulting in superior repeatability for all durometer tests, according to the company.
The new SENTRY CIP dampener is designed for hygienic applications that require clean-in-place components.