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The parts were moulded at a nominal thickness, which appeared to have good dampening property, and kept aesthetic quality for a good-looking living room piece.
The self-adjusting dampening mechanism and a composite, corrosion-resistant pivot shaft are the key ingredients for the P6000's consistent performance in any environment or at any stage of its cycle life.
The cellular pore structure of cedar makes it a superb acoustic insulant with better sound dampening properties than most other structural materials.
I see more legislation up here that is dampening that spirit, and is almost punishing the risk-taker and rewarding the risk-less path.
It leads to the automation of some job functions and replaces others with self-service operations, raising output per worker and dampening employment requirements in some occupations, as well as in the industries in which those occupations are concentrated.
Such a dampening, Cook notes, is usually a good thing.
com difficulties do not seem to be dampening investment spirits.
A core of viscoelastic or other dampening material smooths out the fide.
Security concerns may have also placed a drag on travel and consumption, dampening second-quarter GDP [gross domestic product] growth,' Deutsche Bank added, referring to the armed conflict between government forces and ISIS supporters in Marawi City, which led to the President's declaration of martial law in Mindanao in May.