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Have you ever met such a damply insincere pair before?
I was still unveiled, playing timbrels, cavorting damply to his eyes, hoping to grow up like Ingrid from Sweden.
asked our 12-year-old son, his eyes following the question across the lounge until they met my own eyes - peeping damply over the rim of a newspaper from the armchair, in which my world weary body puckered like a slowly deflating porpoise.
Within minutes Neil had officially cut the ribbon, stretched damply across one section of Priory Place, the attractive triangle tucked away at the rear of Sainsbury's supermarket.
Mouth slightly ajar, scalp damply ashimmer under the chandeliers, Detective Wooten looks hypnotized if not entirely comprehending.
In the midst of all the straight testosterone--included among the revelers was a slew of servicemen--the the members of Iffy were asked if they'd like to officially judge that battle of the damply dressed ladies.