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Dampness is a concept in traditional Chinese medicine not widely recognized in the West, which, as it turns out, is quite ironic since it is widespread in our culture.
The dampness is persistent as it's blowing off the stain blocks, so you need to cut out the damp patches and see what's behind.
02 Contract Notice (below OJEU threshold): Measured Term Contract for a Timber Preservation and Dampness Control Contractor
A collection of damp-proof coverings, coatings and membranes; the Drybase range aims to provide solutions to a wide range of dampness issues, whether in small residential properties through to larger industrial facilities.
This research was reflected in an Institute of Medicine report in 2004, (3) and these findings were more widely accepted and argued more robustly for an association of dampness with health effects including asthma.
wheat shipment that has recently arrived at the port of Aqaba suffered dampness that led to some mold growth, according to Director-General of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr.
This solves dampness and prevents further water penetration.
Dampness and mold pose health risks too, especially for people living with asthma.
He added that because of the steep gradient when the train leaves Inverness, it was essential the nine-carriage, train was able to build up enough momentum and the dampness prevented this.
As we repainted every room in this one-story raised ranch, we discovered heavy dampness in two bedroom closets.
Whilst most modern buildings are built to a high standard following strict building regulations things do go wrong and dampness and rot take a hold.
The penetration of rainwater inside the platform, which has formed a large pool, as well as severe dampness have caused the stonework to crack and crumble.