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It is difficult, especially for those influenced by the cinematic images of Luchino Visconti's 1971 film Death in Venice not to be tempted to take Aschenbach's disgust projected at the dandified old man at face value and in turn interpret this physical transformation as a fulfillment of the prophecy embodied in that character.
Among the small paper works containing collaged elements such as cuttings from magazines and the use of text that provide sly references, which he has been making for several years, The Bird of Paradise depicts a cosmopolitan, dandified couple.
Early on in this delightful hardback book, which is high on form and presentation and low in price, there is a touching pen portrait of Lovat Fraser in his youth (he was born in May 1890, the flowering period of that other artistic genius Aubrey Beardsley and, of course, Beardsley's friend, Oscar Wilde) "Romantically modern, Lovat yet loved and was of the dandified years of the eighteenth century- in taste, in vision, even in speech.
But beneath Cecil's dandified exterior is a foreign legionary's toughness and a fighting cock's instinct for survival.
Still, as The American Scholar editor Robert Wilson recently noted in an article for The Atlantic, Brady--a dandified fellow who swaddled himself in the finest frocks and wore expensive cologne--was infinitely more comfortable out of the fray than in it.
The Baron vainly tried to mask his unprepossessing appearance with dandified dress and manners.
Compounding Armand's setback is Virginie Dupoisson (Rachel Anne Hippert), the beautiful fiance of Lord Felix (Vic Kruczynski), a hilariously dandified member of the court.
Ninja-like Montague, James Cooney, and a dandified Capulet, Mark Ashcroft The cast of Romeo and Juliet rehearse in the Small Concert Room Max Rubin and Simon Hedger, who are running the Liverpool Shakespeare Festival David Rankine, left, who plays Romeo, in rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet at St George's Hall Pictures: JASON ROBERTS/jr150811romeo-3
Tron: Legacy is frontloaded with action sequencessothesecondhourlacksmomentum, and relies on an eye-catching supporting turn fromWelsh star Michael Sheen to pique our interest, asCastor, the dandified proprietor of Tron-world's End of the Line Club, like an outrageous Ziggy Stardust.
As Castor, dandified proprietor of Tron-world's End of the Line Club - a shimmering citadel recalling the Star Wars Cantina - Welsh star Sheen resembles, with his platinum blonde mullet, an outrageous mixture of Ziggy Stardustera David Bowie and Peter Stringfellow.
It also established middleclass fashion trends--the boy with long hair in lovelocks, wearing a dandified black velvet suit with a lace collar and matching knee pants.
This nostalgia informed her love of the young, dandified "bloods" serving in the British Army with whom she socialized almost exclusively while she was writing Under Two Flags.