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It is difficult, especially for those influenced by the cinematic images of Luchino Visconti's 1971 film Death in Venice not to be tempted to take Aschenbach's disgust projected at the dandified old man at face value and in turn interpret this physical transformation as a fulfillment of the prophecy embodied in that character.
Pity his poor wife Karen dressed in a T-shirt and jeans running after their four kids while her dandified husband boasts his role is to provide, steer and offer forth wisdom.
As with the figures of Chinese opium den proprietors and dandified French " macks," white slavery authors effeminized Jewish pimps in order to suggest to readers that these decadent facilitators of urban vice were debauching the upright virility of American youths.
The only other Austen "hero" who comes close is the dandified Edward Stanley in Catherine or the Bower (1792), who takes half an hour to powder his hair and change his shoes (218); Stanley's only real heir in an Austen novel is the despicably vain and shallow Sir Walter Elli ot.
At the center of the book is a section of photographs--mostly of conspicuously dandified rhythm-and-blues and rock musicians--whose connection with the text is casual.
In effect, the building is a huge black box, dissected, contorted, dandified and dressed up in some very fancy clothes.
The tragic Shakespearean-style tale of Hoveyda, the elegant, cultivated and dandified wit who allowed himself to be seduced by the illusion of power and the trappings of office is one of the most fascinating and yet little known dramas of our time.
His dandified appearance, what was artificial or exaggerated in his manners, was a thing apart, however.
Dandified, affected, as elongated and grotesquely stylized as one of his own caricatures, he drew attention.
There his knowledge of the period and his deep interest in the psychology of the Camisards cannot be disguised or suppressed in the name of dandified indifference.
At 68 he is still a slightly dandified figure, his dark blue, French-style cap topping a brown leather bomber jacket, gloved fingers with another cigarette on the go.
Media discussions and public policy have been incorporated as a constitutive feature of the work itself, in good Beuysian tradition, while at the same time McBride cites a dandified object fetishism: a tension that sets the artist's work loose in the world as a hybrid of picture-perfect megalomania and a healthy dose of irony for all.