dangerous course

See: hazard
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He saw clearly that if he took Jacob himself, his absence, conjoined with the disappearance of the stranger, would either cause the conviction that he was really a relative, or would oblige him to the dangerous course of inventing a story to account for his disappearance, and his own absence at the same time.
Every half tide Billy raced out the south wall over the dangerous course he and Hall had traveled, and each trial found him doing it in faster time.
Despite mounting criticism of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) -- which is now leading a caretaker government until the Nov 1 snap election after ruling the nation for 13 years -- and Erdoy-an, that their authoritarian style of governance has been the source of the ongoing turmoil in the country, they show no sign of reversing the current dangerous course that the nation is on.
It has not yet completely wrecked the post-Second World War global dream, but it has made a good start in its dangerous course.
Many were forced into pulling out of the dangerous course in the Black Country because of hypothermia.
This is a dangerous course of action by some Western leaders and media, shortsighted, morally wrong, and in breach of international obligations.
An extraordinary debut novel, The End of Healing tells the story of a tenacious young doctor who charts a dangerous course to expose the truth about the medical industry.
The Orlando-based Graeme McDowell knows how to handle this track and is a general 50-1 chance who could threaten, while McIlroy, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger are the most dangerous course debutants.
He had denied that he had steered the dangerous course so that he could impress a girlfriend before the ship was ripped open two years ago.
This is a dangerous course to follow, especially in view of rising global deflation pressure.
You embarked on a highly dangerous course of driving.
The oligarchy must abandon this very combustible dangerous course.