dangerous person

See: delinquent
References in classic literature ?
You are a dangerous person, I fear," said she; "if you can forge compliments at that rate, Zoraide will positively be afraid of you; but if you are good, I will keep your secret, and not tell her how well you can flatter.
The convic- tion that something strange and terrible had hap- pened, that by some miracle a new and dangerous person had come into the body of the kindly old man, took possession of him.
There is a dangerous person who is everlastingly trying to see Madame alone.
Rawdon Crawley altogether, and warning the public to beware of her as a most artful and dangerous person.
They had no knowledge of any conspiracy against the Minister's life, had no hint of any plot through their usual channels of information, had seen no signs, were aware of no suspicious movements or dangerous persons.
The judge said: "The canister could have come into the possession of a more dangerous person - I take a very serious view of you possessing it.
Why I found it very difficult was because we have a law but, as well, you have the gardai in that case pressing very strongly that that person should not get bail, because that person was a dangerous person, and the judge didn't listen to them.
Aragon civilly committed as a sexually dangerous person upon the completion of his sentence.
Sam's character evolves when he's faced with a dangerous person like Pyke.
We have taken a very dangerous person that is a serial murder suspect off the streets,' he said.
As a result of your efforts, a dangerous person was apprehended and all of the victim's property was recovered.
At Durham Crown Court, Judge Tony Lancaster said he was obliged to take into account his violent past and if he had decided he was a dangerous person would have had to impose an immediate, lengthy custodial sentence.

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