dare say

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They look upon it as quite their own, I dare say, whenever that happens.
But I dare say I could do dogs and horses if I was to try more," he added, reflecting that Philip might falsely suppose that he was going to "knock under," if he were too frank about the imperfection of his accomplishments.
I dare say not," rejoined Stryver, nodding his head in a smoothing and final way; "no matter, no matter.
but I dare say you did all for the best, and there is no defying destiny.
I dare say that I may, notwithstanding the danger, if upon reflection I approve of any of them.
That is all clear, and, I dare say, true enough," replied Dr.
The captain used to remark frequently: "Ah, yes; I dare say one-third weight above beams would have been quite enough for most ships.
Oh, I dare say you don't believe it,' said the cobbler, quietly smoking his pipe.
I admired your spirit; and I dare say we shall get home very well.
He is as indifferent to the honour of knowing me, I dare say, as I am to the honour of knowing him.
The stranger was one of the parlor-boarders, I dare say.
He'll come back, and, as Dorothy says, I dare say he'll be none the worse for having had a bit of a fling.