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On Sunday, Felix Baumgartner's 24-mile-high skydiving spectacular didn't just break records for daredevilry.
We salute the young IPS officer for his daredevilry in checking illegal mining.
I suppose I have a long history of daredevilry and pranksterdom, though in it there's little of which to be proud.
The 28-year-old has her own version of A-Team daredevilry by going skydiving and conquering her fear of singing in public by belting out Endless Love in a Paris bar.
The red-headed, Bolshoi-trained Krysanova, with her shining eyes and a ready smile, brings gusto to her performances, impressing with her daredevilry in triple fouettes, speedy pique turns, and effortless leaps.
His off spin bowling and brilliant out fielding will add zing to the daredevilry on the field and may well turn out to be the tournament's surprise package.
Clicked at the police grounds in Wattayah, the photograph required daredevilry to shoot.
Daft Punk videos directed by the likes of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and anime legend Leiji Matsumoto have further enhanced the pair's reputation for artistic daredevilry.
Bart was introduced to piracy as a 40 year - old by another great Welsh pirate Howell Davis, who was known as the ``Cavalier Prince'' for his grandeur and daredevilry.
And his status in the eyes of those of us who admire bravery and daredevilry soared as he found even more fame as one of sport's superheroes for whom fear held no threat.
Youngsters will showcase their daredevilry in the refurbished motocross arena during the third round of the Oman Motocross on Friday.