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The Darer of 1498 was a 'good Catholic,' but by 1522 his sympathies were clearly with Luther.
However, Darer and colleagues' features capture aspects of PSD that may or may not be present in functional depression--for instance, feelings of helplessness, guilt at being a burden to one's family, and lack of motivation to engage in rehabilitation and other activities.
Veronica de Darer da un ejemplo de este etnocentrismo creado en los barrios etnicos: "One of the students asked my husband if all Venezuelans were Jews, like us.
Lisa Pon: Raphael, Darer, and Marc Antonio Raimondi (2004).
Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, Albrecht Darer and Pablo Picasso were among those artists whose work we looked at.
Fantasy and invention marked the course of a career during which he revolutionized tapestry design, excelled in portraiture, and along with Darer, Rembrandt, and Whistler, became one of the greatest graphic artists of all time (1).
Any dare is a naked invitation to comparison with the darer and the darer's previous or prospective actions, an invitation to imitate behavior, and thus obtain the autonomy from fear or desire that having performed the dare would seem to offer.
The three feature articles in this issue are united in this approach, although they darer markedly in the trails they follow.
By the time Panofsky's Life and Art of Albrecht Darer was reissued in 1971, the great humanist already found it necessary, in his preface, to enclose the "general reader" in quotation marks, signaling the precariousness of its referent.
The witches were disposed symmetrically about their unseen cauldron; any large number of thanes was grouped in neat rows to listen attentively to whoever was declaiming; in the final battle scene Young &ward plunges upon Macbeth's darer as though intending suicide, while the combat with Macduff.