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The daringness of this "motherfucker" word, and the big black R&B voice, and we would roar and cheer at this, it was terrific, and the people related to that.
It is the daringness of the subject matter of these murals that is quite remarkable.
Boldini in fact was a master in always conferring on his models maximum elegance, but at the same time a certain daringness of behaviour that was more appropriate to the beautiful temptresses of the cafe-chantants or the leading representatives of the demimonde'.
The former goes by the name of self-knowledge, while the latter is more elusive, since the daringness of thought or [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is commonly pejorative and will be devalued as mere cleverness.
The video, "Cow Tattoo for Gateway," was awarded by a panel of Gateway employees for having the highest total scores in creativity, humor, daringness and average daily number of video views as reported by YouTube.
Their robust daringness blends with femininity not for purposes of combat but for amorous adventures abroad.
I wonder what made me enter the competition in the first place - the daringness that I had, it was all odds against me, but I'm glad I applied.
The legacy of jazz music has influenced me through its daringness and its use of improvisation.
Whereas Dresen's film remains primarily on the German side, there is a daringness to Schmid's project that derives from his willingness to cross the border.
For one thing, there is the pose of daringness that is merely a pose: of risk-taking that is fully indemnified, of avant-garde gestures generously underwritten by grants from the XYZ Foundation, the State of Massachusetts, and concerned citizens in favor of art, a smoke-free environment, and safe sex.