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I probably spend Saturday night, and quite often, in a darkened room somewhere.
To celebrate Independence Day, July 4, the Darkened Rooms are hosting a special screening of the Woody Allen classic, Manhattan, on July 2.
Diners meet their dinner companions for a welcome drink in Nineteen's normally-lit lounge, before being guided to the darkened dining room where "sounds tell a story, aromas come alive, elegance is felt and friends are recognised by their voices".
2 : to make or become gloomy <Her mood darkened with the news.
The Auris SR 180 has lowered suspension springs and a rear spoiler as well as 17-inch alloy wheels and darkened rear windows.
Like any painting, the work has changed with the passage of time--the oil medium Seurat used has darkened and yellowed, and the coarse linen support he employed also has darkened.
It features a darkened grille section with horizontal fins resembling the high performance Golf GTI and R32 models.
The first lunar eclipse in 2 1/2 years will occur on Saturday, but the darkened moon will be a no-show for stargazers in Los Angeles, astronomers said Thursday.
Enrapturing the minds of its young readers, Little Library Mouse combines a poetic text with full page works of art in presenting his adventurous endeavors throughout the night of the darkened library through pages and pictures of some very interesting books.
Then late one summer evening, Sherman is showing off his bicycle skills and tricks when a car comes down the darkened alley.
Taking the name of Predator they come with a list of additional features including darkened windows.
4-litre Sport model and costs pounds 15,990 with 16 inch steel wheels, air con, single CD player and darkened windows.