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In The Round with Duke Special, Verse Chorus Verse and The Darkling Air Portrush Theatre at Kiwis, 7pm, free Duke Special inhabits a world unlike any other - a world filled with vaudeville-esque sensibility, sing-a-longs and addictive melodies .
The relationships among central characters, however, are fairly well developed, especially between Ava and her Darkling love, Raven.
During her recent trip to Manila (where Leigh met fans who dressed up as Alina, the Darkling, and Mal, and then promptly Instagrammed the photos), the author talks about her road to success, trying to live in two worlds at the same time (the one she had to write about and the one she's actually in), and--listen up all you fanatics--who she wants to play the Grisha characters.
Darkling and the Bluebird (CD)--Sonically lush, personal, filled with spirit, cello, tenor guitar, and a little Gospel.
But the fact is, the 114th Congress, sworn in last month, together with the Supreme Court, may just be the bright lights on the otherwise darkling plain that will be planet coal in 2015.
Its title adapted from a description of the dimming sun in Thomas Hardy's poem "The Darkling Thrush," thk was an exhibition about the universe--or at least about humanity's efforts to comprehend its place in the universe--improbably condensed into four compact galleries.
Other recent titles of short works include Indy Clark,"Sing Ballad Singer, Raise a Hearty Tune"; "Bucolic Voices in A Set of Country Songs"; Emile Loriaux, "From 'Zome Other Geame' to 'Another Joy' in William Barnes' Poetry: Composing, Translating and/or Re-Writing"; Louisa Hall, "An Alternative to the Architectural Elegy: Hardy's Unhoused Poems"; Rodney Stenning Edgecombe, "Hawthorne and Hardy: 'The Darkling Thrush'"; Isabelle Gadoin, "The Poet in the Museum: Lost in a Chamber of Echoes--Sight and Sign in Thomas Hardy's Poetry.
Betty Jean Tucker; ON A DARKLING PLAIN; Livingston Press (Fiction: Short Stories) 17.
If we sit too long, stay out too late, get skewed off course on a ill-advised shortcut through darkling pines, no matter.
Blank is the book of his bounty beholden of old, and its binding is blacker than bluer; Out of blue into black is the scheme of the skies, and their dews are the wine of the bloodshed of things; Till the darkling desire of delight shall be free as a fawn that is freed from the fangs that pursue her, Till the heartbeats of hell shall be hushed by a hymn from the hunt that has harried the kennel of kings.
To Sail a Darkling Sea is set in a world where survivors of the apocalypse battle zombies - a world where human civilization has been annihilated by a zombie plague and a group of youths and survivors struggle to remain free, human, and alive.
Darkling beetles (Alphitobius diaperinus) and their larvae as potential vectors for the transfer of Campylobacter jejuni and Salmonella enterica serovar paratyphi B variant java between successive broiler flocks.