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I don't know what the sensation of being darned may be, or whether a man's mother has a keener relish or disrelish of the process than anybody else; but if the endurance of this mysterious ceremony by the old lady in question had depended on the accuracy of her son's vision in respect to the abstract brightness and smartness of the Harrisburg mail, she would certainly have undergone its infliction.
Sowerberry was a tall gaunt, large-jointed man, attired in a suit of threadbare black, with darned cotton stockings of the same colour, and shoes to answer.
I don't care about knuckling under to any man, as these folk do to their darned prophet.
TORONTO, June 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Loose Strands, Darned Sock Productions' app-based novel, offers a great mix of exciting summer reading and innovative interactive elements-lively animations and a twisty choose-your-own-path plot-for children 9 and up.
This title is available in various e-formats at Damnation Books the go to place for darned good dark fiction at a darned good price.
PETER Mandelson yesterday urged people to stop being "so darned pessimistic" about the economy.
At the very least it can make you pretty darned confused.
Look, it may not seem terribly exciting, but these things are darned useful
Do not allow these darned things to tower in our neighborhood,'' said resident Ron Hall.
To their credit, both institutions, the IMF and the OECD, are doing their darned best to support the Paris hotel industry as well as to keep the first-class intercontinental flight sections of major airlines from feeling the full impact of the recent terrorist threat.
Shakespeare wrote a darned good play and Cranko, keeping close to the text, turned it into a terrific ballet.
We know darned well it wasn't when we played it back at college a lot of years ago.