dash against

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thy knight behold, Return'd from yonder land of gold; No wealth he brings, nor wealth can need, Save his good arms and battle-steed His spurs, to dash against a foe, His lance and sword to lay him low; Such all the trophies of his toil, Such and the hope of Tekla's smile!
was the cry from the ship to the boats, which, for one instant, seemed on the point of being brought with a deadly dash against the vessel's side.
How dare you dash against - everybody - in this manner?
Craven had extended them just in time to save him from falling as a result of his unseeing dash against him, and when he held him away to look at him in amazement at his being there he truly gasped for breath.
there were floating masses in it, that might dash against her boat as she passed, and cause her to perish too soon.
A pointless first half, in which the Welsh forwards showed great dash against a solid defence, was succeeded by Welsh attacks in the later stages that were in the true rugby tradition.
Richardson has yet to score a touchdown this season, but has shown some sensational runs, including a 53-yard dash against the Washington Redskins in Week Two, and a 44-yard run against the Miami Dolphins on Oct.
Straight up - a 50-yearold darts player, unlikely to break 10 seconds in a 100 metre dash against Usain Bolt, has been warm-weather training like footballers on a midseason break.
29, cuts a bright dash against pinks and purples the lips Abandon the rules about red and pink and opt for a pillarbox shade on your pout - Tom Ford's Private Blend Lip Color in True Coral, is pounds 35 the eyes Wear a soft pastel to keep the look girlie and romantic rather than garish.
Brothers Patrick and Jack Martin are both in terrific form, though 24-year-old Patrick will be making his seasonal crosscountry debut after producing some eyecatching performances on the road, especially when finishing in second place in the Leeds Abbey Dash against powerful opposition.
UCLA has four long bursts this year, with Franklin's 74-yard dash against the Bears being the benchmark.
Ferdinand could lose a 50-yard dash against Billy Bunter's fatter brother, with Bunter Snr wearing a pair of over-sized wellies.