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It wasn't anything that a Robert Frost or a Ralph Waldo Emerson would dash off in an inspired moment, but it did have its own rough-hewn charm, particularly fit for coach consumption.
The Boeing Business Jet--the perfect place for the modern executive to dash off that memo cutting health-care benefits.
Typically they would talk all night, then go home, write each other lengthy letters about what they'd discussed, exchange those letters the next day along with little gifts, dash off a note or two during the afternoon, and then do the whole thing all over again that night.
No longer can you check your bags curbside, then dash off and board.
But hesitant defending forced keeper Gregg to dash off his line and send Plymouth striker McCarthy tumbling, and Gibbs made no mistake from the spot.
Yes, you can dash off to the shops and get all those bargains you have been dreaming about.
Between numbers, Shearing chats with his audience, delightedly informing them how his signature "Lullaby of Birdland," written in 1952 as the theme song for the famed jazz club, has been earning him money for 40 years in return for 10 minutes of work, which he claims is all it took him to dash off the tune.